Zephaniah: The Coming Day




The Word of the Lord Came    1-6

“I will cut off man”  3

God will cut off the remnant of Baal worship, those who bow to pleasure.  4

God will remove those who bow to the host of heaven, who seek dark power.  5

God will cut off those who swear by the Lord, and yet swear by Molech, god of power.

Jeremiah 32:34,35  By the god of power they made their sons and daughters pass through the fire, but also went

went into the house of the Lord.  In Ezekiel 8:6-9 Vision was shown of abominations in secret chambers.

God will cut off those who in secret places bow to power, fabricate unnecessary wars, causing their sons and                  daughters to pass through the fire, so that they may acquire power and amass great wealth through military                   production.

All honor to sons and daughters who out of a pure heart are willing to lay their life down for their country!

God will remove those who have turned back from following the Lord, and those who have not sought the Lord.  6


Be Silent Before the Lord for the Day of the Lord is at Hand    7-18

They do not trust the Power of God  12

The Great Day of the Lord is very near  14

He will make a complete end of all of all that dwell in the land because, “They have sinned against the Lord.”  17

Their silver and gold will not be able to deliver them in the day of the Lord”s wrath  18



God Calls All to Turn Unto Him 1-3

     Before the day of the Lord comes. Seek the Lord. You may be hidden in the day of the Lord”s anger!

God will destroy all nations that do not honor Him as Lord God. 4-7

     But He will care for His Own people.

He will destroy the nations who magnified themselves against Israel. 10,11

     He will starve all the gods of the earth created by satan and by man.

God will pull down the exultant city that exalted herself. 12-15

     Some in America have tried to remove God. Just as God will destroy those cities that exult in themselves, if                    America continues to lift herself above God, saying, “I am, and there is none beside me:”, and fails to humble                herself and seek Him, she, too will become a desolation.

     Dear Lord, may repentance come!

     Many are in America who love Him and keep His commandments and confess Jesus Christ Lord and Savior.


Judgement upon Jerusalem 1-7

     She did not trust in the Lord.

     She trusted her own righteousness. She did not submit unto God’s righteousness.  Romans 10;1-4

     But the just Lord is in the midst of her. Every morning he makes himself known. But the unjust who trust in their        own righteousness have no shame. They do not understand “all fall short of the glory of God.”

     God is so close. He wants all to acknowledge Him Lord and Savior of their life.

Judgement and Cleansing of Nations 8-10

     All the earth will be devoured. 8

A Day of Cleansing 9,10

     God will give them purified lips to call upon the Name of the Lord! Acts 2:1-4

     To serve Him shoulder to shoulder.

     To worship Him by bringing Him offerings

     Have you had your Pentecost experience?

     Have you turned from your own way, and called upon the Name of the Lord?

     Have you been filled with His Holy Spirit to now serve Him and follow His way?

     The greatest blessing of life is to realize your need of Him in your life, and call upon Jesus Christ as Lord and to            serve Him as Lord of your life.

     II Corinthians 5:15

A Day of Restoration! 11-20

For Israel 11-13

     God will remove the pride of self righteousness.

     A humble and lowly people will be left, and they will take refuge in the name of the Lord.

     Jesus Christ is Lord.

For the daughter of Zion…who has been born from above! 14,15

     In Ephesians 2:11-19 Gentiles who were not Jews that were without Christ and aliens from the commonwealth of        Israel, strangers from the covenants of promise, having no hope, without God in the world, now in Christ Jesus            are made nigh by the blood of Christ; and are reconciled unto God by the cross of Jesus; have access by the Holy          Spirit unto the Father: and now therefore are no more strangers, but fellow citizens with the saints.

     II Corinthians 1:20 His promises are Yes!

     The King of Isreal is in your midst!!

     Thank You Father!

The Lord will clear away all your enemies!

     Who is your enemy? What is your enemy?

     Fear? Shame? Pride? Unforgiveness? Hurt? Rejection? Lonliness? Emptiness? Self? Satan.

     May you be made nigh by the blood of Christ and filled with all the fullness of God

Restoration for Jerusalem 16-18

     Do not be afraid, O Zion;

     The Lord your God is in your midst

A Day of Restoration for Israel and for Those Who Claim the Promises of God 19,20

     God will remove all that afflict and oppress His people.

     At that time God will take all the lame and the outcast who have been shamed by  a proud, arrogant, self-exalting        society and lift them unto a place of praise and renown among all peoples of the earth!

     The arrogant who tear down the lowly will no longer be around.

     Unto those who have been cast down and torn apart by the tongue of the proud……… Psalm 31:18


     God will restore the fortune of His people Israel.

     God will bless the humble who put their trust in the Lord Jesus Christ.

     The meek shall inherit the earth! Psalm 37:11

Praise His Name!!!